RedNX mini


A new version of RedNX mini has been released today:

A list of changes:

  • Adding a column with the order number to which events and faults are assigned in the Data archive -> Data from the tachograph
  • Correction of an error where attaching data to an analogue order resulted in a change of the order type designation to D-1B
  • The seal issue date now matches the order closing date
  • Added mechanism of automatic checking CID number for connected UTPNX with possible registration proposal
  • Cosmetic changes in the HELP section
  • Unlocks the "Other dictionaries" tab in Directories -> Dictionaries
  • The possibility of removing attached data from the deleted order has been added
  • Added the possibility to add a comment to a closed or deleted order
  • Added the possibility to dynamically search a vehicle in the customer vehicle selection window
  • Added the possibility to withdraw the order from the cloud with connected UTPNX via cable
  • Blocking the possibility of printing the sticker and the inspection report for an order where only the scope "Data download" is selected
  • Adding the possibility to send e-mail notifications to customers from the MEMO window (it is required to fill in the "E-mail" field in the customer data, the content of the e-mail is available for configuration in Other -> Settings -> Memo)
  • Correction of other minor bugs
  • Improving communication between UTPNX / UTP-10 and RedNX mini