RedNX mini


A new version of RedNX mini has been released today:

A list of changes:

  • Change of the mechanism of marking the type of tachograph in the list of orders (column "Type"): the initial designation for the digital tachograph is D- which automatically changes to D1b or D1c after assigning data from UTP and card.
  • Improved data reading from UTP-10
  • A mechanism has been added to refresh the U3 cable connection to the computer (requires administrator privileges) in case of connection problems.
  • Seals that have only been read from the tachograph (without calibration) are no longer monitored by the program.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the hidden "TIME" column to reappear after restarting the program
  • The * .DDD file form has been set as default when exporting data from a workshop card
  • A column has been added with the order number to which Event and Fault data has been assigned in Readings and data -> Data archive -> Data from tachograph
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
  • Improving communication between UTPNX / UTP-10 and RedNX mini

On Wednesday we plan to release the new firmware version for UTPNX.