Standard Warranty Terms

SELLER warrants that the products supplied have no defects in materials or manufacturing.
All SELLER?s products are covered by the 12 month warranty, unless stated otherwise in writing.
GOODS delivered by the SELLER are not covered by the statutory warranty.
SELLER bears the warranty responsibility only if BUYER:

  • transported, stored, loaded and used the PRODUCTS according to all information provided to BUYER by SELLER and generally accepted standards,
  • in case of fault, submitted a complaint and received the RMA number (RMA form is available on the webpage), which documents the reported fault or defect of the GOODS. The notification must occur within 10 days from the day when the BUYER confirmed or was able to confirm the fault or damage,
  • has allowed the SELLER to investigate the complained GOODS and conditions they were used in,
  • has fulfilled its obligations under the concluded agreement, including the full payment.
  • stopped using the PRODUCTS at the moment of detecting or the possibility to detect the fault .

The warranty does not cover PRODUCTS or their parts that the fault or defect was caused by: ordinary wear and tear such as batteries, cables, ports, fuses etc. or such causes as: inundation, steam, active gas, humidity, thermal shock, destructive mechanical force, super tensions, lighting discharges or overloads. SELLER is also not responsible for defects arising from unauthorized interference in the product construction, that can be confirmed i.e.: by the broken seals.
If the GOODS proved to be defective, SELLER has 14 workingdays, counted from the date of GOODS delivery to SELLER, to review and comment on the BUYER?s submitted warranty complaint. In case of not abiding to the deadline, the warranty claim is acknowledged to the BUYER?s advantage.
The way to remove the fault or damage (repair / exchange to a product with same or similar technical parameters / refund) is up to the SELLER. The warranty claimed GOODS should be delivered in a packing protecting from its damage.
If the warranty claimed GOODS prove to be efficient or are not a subject of the warranty, BUYER is obliged to cover: GOODS inspection costs and/or repair, as well as the transport costs for both ways according to the current SELLER?s pricelist. SELLER does not bear any responsibility for data handled with the complained GOODS.
All costs and risk for transporting the complained GOODS to the SELLER?s premises are covered by BUYER. In case of acknowledging the warranty claim, SELLER will send back GOODS on his own cost. If the warranty claim concerns more PRODUCTS, they must be delivered in one transport. The transport details such as: courier, way and time of transport, must always be agreed with the SELLER. The warranty is extended for the period of time needed for the repair. Transport on SELLER?s cost are not accepted.
BUYER acting as a distributor outside the Polish borders is obliged to cover all logistic costs connected with warranty and after-warranty service for the customers in their region. That is why he receives the discount (marked as ?LC? on the invoice) while purchasing GOODS.
* BUYER is also obliged to accept warranty conditions for individual PRODUCTS as long as the SELLER has provided individual warranty cards for them

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