<b><font color="#1B609B">Service Pack 9 dla TACHOMATT Yellow 4.2</font></b>

Service Pack 9 dla TACHOMATT Yellow 4.2

Dostępny jest dodatek SP9 dla TACHOMATT Yellow 4.2.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Komorniki: change of traffic organization</font></b>

Komorniki: change of traffic organization

As of January 30, 2023 (Monday), it is planned to change the traffic organization on G. Daimler Street from Platynowa to the intersection of Fabianowska/Matowa Str. in Komorniki.
<b><font color="#1B609B">Komorniki branch: alternative access </font></b>

Komorniki branch: alternative access

As a result of traffic difficulties on Daimlera Street, we suggest an alternative access to the MATT company in our branch in Komorniki from Matowa street.