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filling, inspection, mouldering, filter replacement

Car air conditioning, in addition to cooling the interior during the heat, also acts as an air dryer. This is a particularly useful feature during the wet season when we steal windows from the inside.

Our service offers a range of air conditioning services:

The correct amount of refrigerant affects the efficiency of the air conditioning and prevents damage to the entire system. Please note that the loss of refrigerant is a natural process during car operation. It is recommended to check and replace or replenish the refrigerant every two years.

Replenishment of the refrigerant, the replacement of the oil compressor that lubricates the air conditioning compressor, checking check the operation of the individual actuators of the air conditioner, such as: compressor, internal blower fan, condenser fan.

The variable temperature and humidity of the air conditioning components promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi. In turn, after switching the vent on , they enter the cockpit causing allergies, infections and unpleasant odors. To keep the air conditioning system clean, it is recommended that it be disinfected once a year in the form of ozone, which is safe for health and the environment.

Cabin filters should be replaced at least once a year, preferably in spring or autumn. A dirty filter may block the internal air flow of the blower or cause excessive windshield welds in the car.

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