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Unlike the use of vignettes, the system developed by Toll Collect calculates and collects the road toll based on the exact number of kilometres travelled on route segments. This is different from the vignette system. The satellite-supported free-flow system ensures that toll collection does not interfere with the flow of traffic. In contrast to conventional systems, Toll Collect requires no speed limits, traffic stops, or restriction to prescribed traffic lanes. 

The toll system, which is a dual system, offers the benefits of two log-on options: automatic log-on via On-Board Unit and manual log-on at toll station terminals or over the Internet.

The system of automatic log-on is based on an innovative combination of mobile telecommunications technology (GSM) and the satellite-based GPS (Global Positioning System). The main element of the automatic log-on system is the On-Board Unit or OBU, which uses satellite signals to determine the truck's position and distance travelled, automatically calculates the amount of toll, and transmits this information the Toll Collect computer centre. 

As an alternative, Toll Collect offers the option of manual log-on at a toll station terminal or over the Internet. This type of log-on is particularly suited to trucks that seldom use German trunk roads, e.g. those operated by foreign drivers and companies.

The easiest way for you to participate in the toll collection system is automatic log-on. This is done by the On-Board Unit, the so-called "OBU", which, to the greatest extent, books and calculates the toll for you. First you register your company and your vehicles with Toll Collect. Then you receive a vehicle card containing the most important data about your vehicle. With this card, you can schedule an appointment with an authorized Toll Collect Service Partner to install the On-Board Unit. 

The OBU determines the route travelled with the aid of GPS satellite signals and other positioning sensors, calculates the toll fees based on the vehicle data and tariff parameters that have been entered, and transmits this information to the Toll Collect computer centre by mobile telecommunications. 

The alternative to the automatic system is manual log-on. This is recommended mainly for truck drivers and freight companies that seldom use German motorways.

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